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We’re not just your local realtor, we’re your neighbor. Hi, I’m Jon Barnwell and I’ve been living in the area since I first came to high school here back in the 80s. I moved away for a few years after high school and returned here for many of the same reasons people choose to visit here or stay here: to live a life filled with the outdoors, a place where technology takes a back seat to the scenic views and face time means sitting around a camp fire or fire pit with friends. My office is located in downtown Clayton, GA. I invite you to stop by and I’ll give you a tour. If you’re interested in waterfront property, I provide boat tours as well. If you live here already, then stop by this website to stay informed about local events, places to visits, great local dining and shopping and more!


Featured Properties

  • Lake Burton

    Lake Burton was built in the early 1900s, and like Lake Rabun, Lake Seed, and three other lakes, it was built to provide hydroelectric power to Atlanta. Lake Burton is the largest lake in the county… Read More

  • Seed Lake

    Lake Seed is the smallest of the three main lakes in Rabun County. There is only one small public boat ramp. The lake has thirteen miles of shoreline, with a campground along the western shore. The homes here offer a… Read More

  • Lake Rabun

    Construction on Lake Rabun was completed in 1915, and in the years that followed, Lake Rabun became a favorite summer retreat for families from Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The lakes of Rabun County were… Read More

  • Clayton

    Clayton is the county seat of beautiful Rabun County. Clayton is an old railroad town, and the architecture of the early twentieth century is beautifully preserved in the downtown area. Main Street features art… Read More

  • Mountain City

    The location of this incorporated town is unique because it bestrides the Eastern Continental Divide in a deep break in the Blue Ridge Mountains at an elevation of over 2100 feet. Mountain City is home to the… Read More

  • Tiger

    Tiger was incorporated in 1904. Legend has it that the name came from a Cherokee Indian Chief, Tiger Tail, but it is more likely that settlers gave it the name because of the screams of mountain lions. Tiger is home… Read More

  • Rabun Gap

    Rabun Gap is probably most well-known for Rabun Gap Nacoochee School, a private boarding school that began as two schools, Rabun Gap Industrial School, and the Nacoochee Institute. The… Read More

  • Wiley

    Nestled between Lakemont and Tiger is the small community of Wiley. Small though it is, Wiley is home to a working farm that draws visitors year round for fresh ciders, salsas and other locally made edibles. Homes in… Read More

  • Sky Valley

    Sky Valley is the highest incorporated town in Georgia. This quaint community sits in a small valley on the slopes of Rabun Bald, the second highest mountain in Georgia. It is a popular destination for golfers… Read More

  • Dillard

    Chances are if you've spent much time in Rabun County, you have been to The Dillard House. The Dillard family settled the area in the late 1700s, and they and other families built a haven for travelers and residents… Read More

  • Lakemont

    Lakemont is the "jumping off place" for Lake Rabun. Lakemont now features art galleries, wellness center, gourmet grocery store, and several charming restaurants. A drive through the "downtown" area of Lakemont… Read More

  • Tallulah Falls

    Tallulah Gorge is over 1,000 feet deep, with rushing whitewater crashing through the bottom of the gorge. The surrounding area was originally inhabited by Cherokee Indians, who viewed the wild landscape… Read More