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  • ALERT – Dock Missing From Its Permitted Location, Please Review Photo March 22, 2019
    The below photo is of a dock that is missing from its permitted location which is in the north Chattahoochee River area. Notice the light fixtures distinctive feature on the top of the dock. If you have seen this dock recently, if you could let us know, we would greatly appreciate the information. Our email […]
  • ALERT – Quickly Rising Water Levels – February 22, 2019 February 22, 2019
    This morning, the Chattachoochee and Chestatee Rivers are flowing at a combined 8,440 cubic feet per second, and the discharge at Buford Dam is 583 cfs, for a net inflow into Lake Lanier of 7,857 cfs, not counting rain falling onto the surface of the lake, inflow from minor tributaries, and direct inflow from the […]
  • ALERT – Two More Abandoned Docks – Please Look At The Photos February 20, 2019
    We have two more docks that have been abandoned along the shoreline of Lake Lanier and we are trying to identify the owners of these docks in order to determine the removal and disposition plan for these eyesores and safety hazards from Lake Lanier.One is close to Duckett Mill Park and the other is just above […]
  • Water Wars Update – February 2019 February 2, 2019
    WATER WARS: FLORIDA v. GEORGIA By: Clyde Morris, Legal Counsel to Lake Lanier Association Both States filed their supplemental briefs January 31 with Special Master Paul J. Kelly, Jr., and the arguments are entirely predictable. Florida says Georgia’s overuse of water is destroying Apalachicola oyster fisheries. Georgia says its use of water is reasonable an […]
  • ALERT – Dumped Dock In Four Mile – Please Look At The Photos January 28, 2019
    ALERT, we have a platform dock that was dumped in a cove in Four Mile last night. Below are a couple photos of the dock. It is a swim platform style dock with lots of wood debris piled on top and a swim ladder installed on the side. If anyone is familiar with a dock […]
  • ALERT – quickly rising lake levels December 28, 2018
    Courtesy alert to Lake Lanier Association members: with the high rainfall around Lake Lanier and especially in the watershed above the lake, dock owners should make sure their docks, including anchor poles, can handle the expected surge in the lake level. Current inflows into the lake are running at a rate of about 12 times […]
  • Lake Lanier Association Supports Concept of Forsyth Water Treatment Facility December 19, 2018
    In response to the announcement that Forsyth County is planning to site a new water treatment facility in North Forsyth County, the Lake Lanier Association has been responding individually to citizens that express concerns about the facility. In an effort to create more education and awareness about the association’s stance on the proposed treatment facility […]
    Clyde Morris, Legal Counsel to the Lake Lanier Association, wrote the following summary of the most recent happenings with the U.S. Supreme Court for the benefit of Lake Lanier Association members. Thank you Clyde! —— Admittedly, a case management order from a federal court judge is an unlikely source for holiday cheer. But sometimes you […]
  • 100 Foot Rule Postcard November 7, 2018
    LLA is kicking off a boating safety campaign in 2019 related to awareness of the 100 foot rule. This postcard is the first piece of that campaign and we will start distributing these postcards at the boat show in January – along with some other swag related to this same concept. Can’t wait to get […]
  • Derelict Dock Video from WSBTV September 25, 2018
    Good coverage on the derelict dock issue from WSBTV.  https://www.wsbtv.com/video?videoId=841061938&videoVersion=1.0