Floating Lake Hazards

March 31, 2016

Keep an eye out and be careful if you are on the water around Lake Burton and Lake Rabun.  Recent heavy rains have washed a few trees in from the Tallulah River that often float at or even just below the surface.  They are really hard to see and could easily foul a prop or cause injury.

Thankfully, Lake Burton and Lake Rabun have cleanup days sponsored by Georgia Power, and members of the Lake Burton Civic Association and the Lake Rabun Association usually turn out with good numbers to help out with boats and chainsaws.  I have volunteered for this in the past, and it’s really a lot of fun!  Check it out in the links below… you might even get lunch and a tee-shirt.

Lake Rabun’s cleanup day this spring is June 3, 2016, meet at Hall’s Boathouse at 9am.

Lake Burton cleanup day will be May 13, 2016.