Coon Dogs Stuck In Tallulah Gorge

January 22, 2013

Raccoon hunting is pretty high-tech these days.  Used to be you would stumble around in the dark with a headlamp listening for dogs off in the distance and pushing through thick brush and briers to catch up.  Now, dogs are often outfitted with radio transmitting collars that make tracking much easier… sometimes.

I don’t have many details, and hopefully The Clayton Tribune will pick up the slack, but some guys were out coon hunting around Tallulah Falls the other night, and the dogs got scattered.  Really not that uncommon of an occurrence.  Thankfully, they had radio collars and were tracked right up to Tallulah Gorge where they were located on inaccessible ledges high up on the steep walls of the gorge.

My understanding is one coon dog was rappelled out of the gorge by the fearless Tony Whitner, while the other spent last night out of reach on a precipice.  Hopefully, between the efforts of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Rabun Rescue, Tallulah Gorge State Park, and coon hunters, they will be able to retrieve this other dog.

I’ll update if I hear anything else.  Please comment if you know what happened.